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Welcome to my new blog

Dear cyber visitor,

Thanks for stopping by! Time has come for me to contribute some of my IT projects and experiments to the almighty web!

Firstly, my posts will focus on the interaction possibilities between Microsoft SharePoint Online and non-Microsoft languages like Java, PHP, and JavaScript. I think this topic is pretty interesting because, as of today use cases, documentation and examples remain pretty rare. We’ll see after that!

The content will be split in multiple posts. I’ll upload relevant code and resources as well (yay!).

Here’s what I plan to post (the topics might change):

Using external business data with SharePoint Online

  • Part 1: Scenario and conception of a solution
  • Part 2: Java and SharePoint Online’s Web Services
  • Part 3: Bridging PHP and Java
  • Part 4: Testing and conclusion

Extending SharePoint Online’s functionality with jQuery

  • Part 1: Why a JavaScript plugin?
  • Part 2: Coding the plugin, its loading scheme and its UI
  • Part 3: Copy operations

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be happy hear your feedback on those posts.

David Dudok de Wit

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